June 03, 2017

world clubfoot day-joseph's clubfoot journey

today is world clubfoot day. as you may know, joseph was born with congenital right clubfoot; though, we didn't know it was clubfoot when he was born. after researching and fighting for a referral, we finally got answers we were waiting for and joseph was diagnosed with clubfoot. it's been a year since the beginning of joseph's clubfoot journey and what a year it has been.

at just 12 weeks he had to get a cast every week for five weeks.

and at 17 weeks get got to graduate to his boots and bar without surgery.

and while joseph has been amazing and rocking life with his bnb...

it's been a tough year for us all. what has been the biggest blessing is a great community of parents out there who share in the same struggles and can be there for support, resources and advice when needed; which has definitely made this last year a lot easier than if we were going through this alone. as we gear up to celebrate world clubfoot day next weekend, i keep thinking of all the familiar faces i will finally get to meet at the event and keep catching myself well up with tears.

though our journeys will all be different, our goal is all the same. happy world clubfoot day!

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