June 17, 2017

the new me

recently i decided to chop off a huge amount of hair. i was getting fed up with having to straighten it all the time and washing it took too much time and energy. i also was feeling like i needed a big change to help boost my confidence and chopping my hair was the right move. (look at those bags under my eyes!)

my good friend savannah did it for me at mint salon + spa and did such a good job. it was amazing to have all that weight-literally and figuratively-lifted. a few weeks after my cut she brightened my hair up some more and now i just feel amazing.

if you're thinking about chopping your hair, do it! it feels so good to just let it go and it's just hair; it'll grow back! i was coveting my long hair for so long, afraid to let go of it for whatever reason, but i am so glad i did it.

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