May 25, 2017


all of my life i have used the typical toothpaste you get at the grocery store: crest, colgate, sensodyne, etc. because that's all i knew. my parents always bought my toothpaste when i was a kid (you know; that blue paste with glitter in it!) and my dentist always recommended one or the other, so it's all i knew. not once did i think about all of the crap in traditional toothpaste until a year ago. with fluoride (a main ingredient in toothpaste) being linked to brain damage, as well as many other side effects-and the mass amounts of other harmful chemicals in toothpaste-i decided to ditch my toothpaste and hunt for something else.

one of my friends had talked about making the switch to truthpaste so i headed over to their site to check them out. looking through the ingredients i found that i could pronounce everything and the list wasn't very long. at first, i was a little hesitant because i didn't really know what the benefits were to these ingredients, but the company was running a giveaway and i decided to enter. and then i won! that made the decision to try it even easier for me. once it came in the mail-along with a copper tongue scraper-i couldn't wait to try it.

i'll be honest; i kind of freaked out a little bit because this was far from traditional toothpaste. it was green, made of clay, and smelled completely different from any toothpaste i'd ever had before. and though it smelled good, it just didn't smell like toothpaste. 

but, i braved it. and i have not looked back. i love that i am using natural ingredients instead of chemicals for great oral health. 

i've been using truthpaste for a year now and i will never go back. not only does it taste good (and last a really long time), it has actually improved the quality and health of my teeth. i had a dental cleaning last month and my dentist said that not only do my teeth look cosmetically amazing and better than before, that my gums are thriving (in a good way). at each appointment before i would be complimented on how white my teeth were, but that was about it. it was enough of a change for my dentist to ask me what i was doing differently and i told him i'd switched toothpastes! 

even baby enjoys truthpaste!

head on over to their site and check them out. you can read about their ingredients and their benefits, as well as who they are as a company and what products they offer. you also get a nice discount for just visiting their page (hint hint). 

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