May 31, 2017

tribe adventures

it's rare that we get to spend a saturday with dad at home, but the shop was closed for the strawberry festival, so we went on a little adventure.

we started the morning out slow, just lounging around the house having breakfast and playing with the boys.

then we headed out to my husband's aunt's house for a little visit. we always love going out there because she lives on this gorgeous piece of land with rolling hills in every direction. its always so lovely to sit out on her deck and chat about life while staring at the beauty around us. the boys played with her cat toys and piddled around her property, while bry colored.

after that sweet visit, we headed over to the elfin forest in los osos and walked the loop. baby had fallen asleep, so we found a nice little shaded spot with benches to hang out for a bit while bry climbed trees and oliver pretended we were in the movie sing and on stage performing. he's been quite obsessed with that movie lately-it's adorable.

 once we completed the loop, we went to a park in morro bay that's right on the water. it was a nice end to a fun and lovely day. the weather was perfect and the boys were very well-behaved.

looking forward to many more adventures this summer.


  1. You didn't mention the name of the movie...I'm dying to know!

    1. Hi Julie! The movie Oliver is obsessed with right now is 'Sing'. I haven't seen it, yet, but plan to watch it with him this weekend. :)