April 06, 2017

bibetts brand ambassador

we all know about my obsession with baby carriers; i won't try to hide it. i've gone through as many carriers as a well stocked lending library would have and could even have a nice lending library myself with what i currently own. three are traveling at the moment, one is in the process of being made (custom harry potter ring sling, of course), and another will be making it's way to me very soon. the one making it's way to me is a bibetts brand ring sling.

i first discovered bibetts when i was in the market for a ring sling when i was pregnant with joseph. i was looking for something classic, black, and affordable, but quality as well. my search brought me to etsy and i stumbled upon the shop bibetts. i chose a classic black ring sling with silver rings and was so excited when i received it; i couldn't wait for baby to come so i could do uppies with him in it. since he was born cesarean section, i had to wait two weeks to wear him (recovery time), but as soon as my midwife gave me the clear, up he went.

this sling was my absolute favorite to wear him in. the linen already had that broken in feeling, the size was comfortable, and of course you can't go wrong with black; it was my most used carrier! we even used it as a prop in a photo shoot for work to display the new effects pedals that came in (earthquaker devices dunes and terminal).

once baby was diagnosed with clubfoot and had his serial casting, then bnb wear, we weren't able to use the sling unless he was in free time without bnb.

since then, i have purchased two more carriers (lenny lamb SSC's) and have had her do three custom ring slings. i mean; she's great! so imagine my excitement when she was looking for a brand ambassador... YES PLEASE! i applied, not thinking i would get it because i'm not consistently active on the blog and don't have a ton of followers on instagram, but after a couple weeks i got an email that i was approved! baby joseph and i are very excited to represent bibetts.

i really have to say that, if you're looking for an affordable ring sling, please try hers out. aside from her brand ring slings, she offers other brands and carrier styles like lenny lamb and soul tai, in addition to accessories and water wraps/slings. head on over to bibetts and take a look at whats in stock. (if you click on that link and make a purchase, i earn reward points and so do YOU!).  you can even have her do a custom ring sling or a wrap conversion!

carrying my baby is such a special and necessary experience for me and baby; i'm glad bibetts is carrying us in this journey.

do you have a favorite carrier? are you as addicted to them as i am? share with me below!

*this blog post contains affiliate links. if you click on them and make a purchase, i will receive reward points and so will you. i will not receive any cash for any purchases made. thank you for your support!

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