March 19, 2017

joseph andrew-the first year

i cannot believe that a year has already gone by and now my baby is one. to say this has been the hardest year of my life thus far is an understatement; but it has also been the most glorious, and for that i am so very content.

i have to say, it is difficult getting a baby to cooperate for monthly photos once they've become mobile! i found myself giving him random things to chew on so he would be distracted enough for me to snap a photo, as you can tell in the photo collage! it didn't always work out as planned, but the photos are precious nonetheless. i didn't really have a theme through out each month; i just sort of laid out what he was most interested in at the time, though month eight and nine are celebrating our trip to the wizarding world of harry potter and disneyland.

it's amazing how babies grow so much in the first year. i wish the first year lasted five years! but they don't and we have to truly cherish the moments we can with them before they grow up too much and leave us.

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