March 09, 2017

baby wearing adventure-mama and baby (and a little bit of daddy, too)

baby wearing has been an essential part of my every day life since baby has been in the world. i carried oliver a great deal when he was a baby because i was constantly at bry's school doing pta things and he never really cared much for the stroller. and though i was thankful that i had a way to carry oliver, it was more a of a necessity than it was a passion. with joseph, however, it started out as a necessity that turned into a passion.

because we bring baby with us to work (my husband and i work together, in his parent's guitar shop), it is important that we have a way to take care of baby while still being able to get work done and baby wearing provides that opportunity. my husband does almost all of the baby wearing for me when we're at work (he's such an amazing man!), and it's usually during baby's nap time-joseph eats some breakfast, then goes for uppies to nap and we're able to get right to work.

holding baby so close really made me appreciate the ability to wear him and seeing my husband share in that passion made it even more amazing. i mean, look at him! baby wearing dads are hot!

with that passion also came an obsession with different style carriers and all of the amazing patterns and colors out there to choose from. i started joining baby wearing groups on facebook and that's when the true obsession started because all of these amazing-and already broken in-carriers were at my fingertips for less than retail. i think my husband and i have owned twenty five (25!) carriers total and currently own ten, and i am in the process of making another ring sling (in honor of hagrid) and have just become accepted to be a brand ambassador (please note that this is an affiliate link. if you purchase from this link, i will receive credit for your purchase. thank you!) for bibetts baby carriers, so i have another ring sling on it's way to me. also-and don't tell my husband this-i am in the market for an onbuhimo, so you know... keep your eyes peeled for me, k thanks!

i carry a lot of pride in the carriers i own and because baby wearing means so much to me, i asked oliver's dad if he would like to do a photo shoot of baby and i in some of my carriers. i am so glad that he said yes! he captured some amazing photos.

you can follow oliver's dad richard on instagram or check out his site to purchase prints here.

carriers in this post: soul tai meh dai coal on grey, tula ukuleleinfantino sash meh dai birds, lenny lamb dragons in green & brown, tekhni wovens magikos eidos ring sling conversion (converted by bibetts), lenny lamb smoki full wrap conversion buckle carrier.

do you love to baby wear? what is your favorite carrier? share with me in the comments below!


  1. I am (sadly) passed the point of baby wearing outside of my Ergo. Little guy's a hefty one! But what I need to know is where you got your outfits from! They're beautiful!

  2. There are so many carriers that accommodate big guys and are comfortable to boot! I have a toddler carrier that I use for Oliver even! And he and L are close in size!
    Thank you for the compliment! Grey cardigan from F21, jeans are Eunina, and maroon top is second hand. White/cream top is also second hand, jeans are the same, brown boots are F21. Black jeans are from Ross, jean jacket from Khols and green top from Ross. :)