December 01, 2016

joseph's clubfoot journey - mama's experience

there is no doubt that joseph hasn't been through a great deal. from serial casting to being in boots and bar 23 hours a day, he's had to endure more than most babies in the first several months of his life. and though he hasn't shown much distress or comfort, it hasn't been the easiest ride. i am, however, really thankful at how much of a dream joseph has been in this journey. i read a lot of posts in the clubfoot community and clubfoot mama's groups on facebook where mama's are crying out for help because their baby can't find comfort or their baby has pressure sores or baby's foot wasn't fully corrected and on and on... thinking back, i rarely posted about an issue and though i am not trying to gloat, i am so thankful that it was a rarity for me. especially with what i am already going through.

i think there is always this constant level of worry with clubfoot parents. will my baby's foot be corrected? how will he adjust to serial casting? how will he take the tenotomy? they have to cut my baby's tendon?? will he do okay in the boots and bar, or will he scream bloody murder for the next three months? which bar will we get? is it the best kind? which shoes work best? should we have gotten adm's? how will he tolerate being in boots and bar for the first several years? will he relapse as an adult? did we choose the right doctor? why isn't he following the ponseti method?

the list goes on.

i have worried about almost all of these things and will continue to worry about them forever. i also wonder if our next baby will have clubfoot and feel slightly worried about that, too. though clubfoot can be fully corrected and treated perfectly, you really just never know. and you have to sit and wonder if you did everything you could to make sure they got the best treatment possible. that's why i feel so privileged to be a part of some clubfoot groups on facebook; i wouldn't survive without the outpouring love and support! of course, our family is very supportive, but to have people assure you and offer advice when they've been through it is always helpful. you always strive to do right by your children and having a support network can give you that added assurance whenever you need it.

besides the amazing support network that i have, there are a couple small things that help me get through the day, and that's showcasing my pride as a clubfoot mama with a couple staple jewelry pieces. i received them from the clubfoot store and have worn them practically every day since.

the bracelet is so much fun and goes with practically everything i own. i get compliments on it all the time and a lot of people ask me what clubfoot is. i feel pretty proud wearing the bracelet, holding my son, and spreading awareness of clubfoot. (psssst... not a clubfoot mama? they have bracelets for all sorts of awareness's!)

this necklace is so beautiful! and a very delicate and sweet reminder to dream, hope, trust, and love. for me, 'trust' resonates the most because i feel like the entire treatment process and beyond relies a lot on trust; trust in the doctors, trust in the treatment, trust in yourself. and you need a whole lot of hope, too. (check out their other necklaces, too!)

i truly am a proud clubfoot mama and am so glad that i get to share that with the world and help spread awareness at the same time. 

for more information on clubfoot, go here.

to read more about the ponseti method, hop on over here.

check out more awesomeness from the clubfoot store... here.

oh! we already have our whole house decked out (on the inside) with christmas decorations and our tree is trimmed and lit! i won this beautiful glass clubfoot cutie ornament from the clubfoot store and it was the first thing to go on the tree once the lights were on. isn't it gorgeous? a very precious and special ornament keepsake.

and a little update on joseph's journey: we're due to see dr. zionts again soon. i need to call and schedule an appointment to see if he will be graduating from 16 hour wear down to 14 hour wear and make sure that he doesn't have any continued tightness in his heel. looking forward to seeing him so that this mama can be reassured that we are doing everything we are supposed to and not setting him up for any setbacks. i'll keep you all posted once the appointment happens. 

thank you for following along in joseph's little journey. 

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