November 14, 2016

menstrual cup journey-a review on v-cups

several months ago i decided i was taking my body back and switching to menstrual cups and reusable mama cloth. i've been on this journey for five cycles now and i have to say that it has been a breeze and not as terrifying as i had anticipated when i started. i've had zero leaks, haven't dropped my cup in the toilet, and i haven't been in a position where i didn't have something with me when i started my period.

before my journey began, it was suggested that i get the size 2 (or size b) cup, as i am over thirty and have had children. so when i ordered my cups (mooncup, blossom, and a diva), i ordered that size. the cups have felt comfortable enough, but i do feel like they might be just a tad too long for me, so i decided to invest in a smaller cup size to try out. in my search, i discovered v-cups.

v-cups offers both of their sizes in one package, which is nice because you're not paying a whole lot more for the extra cup. their combo package includes two cups; size small-medium and medium-large; or size a and b. you also get an instructional insert and a breathable bag to store your cup in between use.

i received my cups just in time because two days after receiving them, i started my period! i was also headed to disneyland for the weekend, so i not only got to test them out, but i got to test them out on a trip. at first this would have scared me, but i've been able to prepare myself for travel with using cups after my first post on them a few months back. before i left for my trip, i added the v-cup to my stash and started using right away. 

i started out with the larger cup because i compared the length to my other three and it did seem shorter. as you can see (v-cup on the left, diva in the middle, blossom on the right), it is slightly shorter and slightly larger in diameter. even with those differences, it did not feel much different to me once inserted. since that larger length was working out form me just fine, i continued using it until my flow became lighter; so when i left for disneyland, i brought the smaller cup with me.

the smaller cup is perfect. even though i hadn't experienced (much) discomfort with any of my larger cups, the smaller one just works out far better. the height and diameter make for a much better fit and i still didn't feel like i needed to worry about leakage. i don't think i can go a full 12 hours with the smaller one in the first few days of my cycle, but it will definitely work on an every 8 hour change and with a pad overnight. speaking of pads, just wanted to let you know that i have since upgraded my pads to thong style. in my last post, i realized that the pads i originally ordered were regular style, not thinking about the type of panties i wear! so when i went to mommycon a few weeks ago, i picked up some lunapads and absolutely love them! absorbent, comfortable, and cute. (pssssst! lunapads is offering a free sample pad for only $5 s/h! go here.)

okay, so what makes these cups really comfortable is the silicone. it is soft and flexible, but substantial, which makes it easy to insert and easy to adjust once inserted. with two of my other cups, i felt like they were too stiff so inserting them was difficult and adjusting it once inserted became a task. my third one was too soft and too flexible, so it wouldn't pop out every time right away to create a good vacuum. with the v-cups, i just folded, inserted, and done. 

i really have nothing to complain about with these cups, they're pretty, soft but substantial, they do their job, they're affordable with options, come in sleek packaging... all around pretty great. the website is easy to navigate and has tons of information, and the owner is very sweet and helpful. the only thing i wish were different is the breathable bag that it comes with. it doesn't affect its purpose, but i just wish the bag weren't white. like the box, i wish it were black with the logo; it would definitely posh it up and tie the whole packaging and branding together. but really, nothing to complain about. these cups get me excited about my cycle and make it much more comfortable! 

what cups/pads are you using? share with me below! i'd love to know more about your journey in taking your body back. 

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