November 02, 2016

joseph's clubfoot journey-our superhero (and brand rep)

when we first began this clubfoot journey we were overwhelmed and in the dark. it was really a day by day journey until we began treatment for joseph's right clubfoot. the day he had his evaluation-and ended up getting his first of five casts-i posted an image on instagram that got me connected with a great community of clubfoot parents and an array of resources and products. from bar covers to sleep sacks to apparel, there was plenty for us to choose from to represent our little clubfoot cutie.

one of those resources is the clubfoot store. there you will find just about anything you need to make dressing your cutie easier in bnb, information and helpful tips for bathing during casting, and even some fun stuff for mom's and dad's. recently we were selected to be brand reps for them and have since been able to try out some of their product.

there is no denying that your child is a superhero, whether or not they have a medical condition. so it was easy for me to choose what he would represent first: a superhero onesie.

 this adorable onesie has batman, spider-man, iron man and a cute pair of boots and bar, representing my clubfoot superhero. we're kind of nerds/geeks over here, so this onesie has become a staple in joseph's wardrobe. my husband kind of wishes he had one, too, it's that cool.

what's awesome about the clubfoot store is that it aims to spread awareness for clubfoot, autism, spina bifida, hip dysplasia, dwarfism, and down syndrome. a portion of the proceeds go to charities to even further spread the awareness and they're aiming to be a non-profit! one of the ways you can help is by telling everyone you know about the clubfoot store

another way you can help is to head on over to facebook and like their page. you can also follow them on instagram @theclubfootstore and bookmark their site

also, if there is anything you would like to purchase from the clubfoot store, you can use my code JOSEPH10 to get 10% off your purchase. it doesn't have to be clubfoot related either. it is 10% off anything in the store! 

oh, and short update on joseph. he's been in 16 hour wear and this morning he will be seeing his old doctor (i sort of kind of forgot to cancel a standing appointment we already made with him) for a check up, so we will see the progress we have made and order new boots! after this, he will be seeing his new doctor in los angeles. and, joseph is 8 months today!

do you have a little clubfoot cutie? how about an autism or spina bifida baby? just have a cute baby? share with me below or feel free to tag me on instagram! i'm @daoust.tribe!

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