September 30, 2016

joseph's clubfoot journey-a new doctor and a new step

if you read my last post on joseph's clubfoot journey, you'd know that we were planning to see a new doctor for a second opinion on his treatment. a few weeks ago, we made the trip to l.a. to see dr. zionts to get that second opinion and left with a weight off of our shoulders and relief. our concerns on what his (at the time) current doctor suggested for treatment (graduate him to night time wear only, after five weeks of bnb and to discontinue use at one year) were validated and a new game plan was set in place. we were to continue in 23 hour wear until the three month mark, then graduate down to 16 hour wear and check back in three months. needless to say, we switched doctors.

and with that, today is the day joseph gets to graduate to 16 hour wear! we are so relieved. luckily, joseph has been so resilient with every step and we are very lucky parents to have such a go-with-the-flow baby. i couldn't imagine making it this far with screaming and crying happening every day and night, and for that i am so thankful.

what i am most looking forward to with less time in the bnb are snuggles that involve free feet that can wrap around me. i'm also looking forward to the conveniences that come without bnb wear like any kind of clothes i want to put him in, any baby carrier i want to wear him in, not hearing the bar slam against the wood floors most of the day, and being able to kiss his feet way more often than i get to now. i am also looking forward to continuing with treatment that sits right with us and feels right.

16 hour wear, here we come! to follow along on our journey, you can find my first post here. And if you want to see the cutest little doll made by a very sweet volunteer through feel better friends, you can find that here.

 photo credit: fusillo foto

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  1. Good call on finding a new doc! For some reason, too many providers like to make up their own rules, yet claim to follow the Ponseti method. I guess "Ponseti" sells, unfortunately varying from the method leads to poor results time and time again. Best of luck!