August 08, 2016

mama & baby

a couple weeks ago i had the opportunity to have oliver's dad over to photograph the baby and i. it's rare that we get to have professional photos of our family done, usually opting for the family photo in fall that makes it onto our christmas cards and hung on our walls the rest of the year until a new set goes up, but i really wanted to have some baby photos of joseph done as well as some breastfeeding shots for world breastfeeding week. oliver's dad, richard, has done the last two years of family photos for us (yes, we have the great of a friendship! co-parenting is awesome!), and he never disappoints. i mean...

and he did a wonderful job capturing some sweet and silly moments between joseph and i.

thank you, richard, for hanging out and taking some photos for us! you can find richard here and here.

items featured in this shoot:

kaanthabae ring sling | eleanor & everly bonnet | nursing necklace made by me

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