July 20, 2016

feel better friends-a clubfoot doll for joseph

when we got connected with resources and groups after joseph's clubfoot diagnosis, we were told about feel better friends. feel better friends is an organization that consists of volunteers who hand make dolls for children with cancer, illnesses, and other disabilities. the dolls are made in your child's likeness by a very kind and generous volunteer, down to their eye and hair color. we contacted them and within a couple weeks we were matched with a lovely gal who whipped up the cutest little joseph doll, complete with a removable cast, removable boots and bar, and his adorable auburn crazy hair. she even included a crocheted guitar for bry and a little crocheted blue car for oliver!

we plan to make this his sleep companion and use it later on in life to tell him about his little clubfoot and how far he has come. it'll be fun to change out his cast and boots and bar and tell him about the whole process he went through. having this doll makes this time extra special and gives him something to snuggle with as he goes through this corrective process.

we would like to thank feel better friends for being such an amazing organization and amy, the volunteer who made joseph's doll and his sibling's goodies. you are such a wonderful person and we are so thankful for you.

has your cutie ever received a feel better friend doll? share with me below!

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  1. This is so gorgeous! And I know the boots and bar journey is hard but it is very worth it! My own tiny boy (now 6! - how did that happen?!) was casted from 2 weeks [the 19th January 2010 is forever etched on my memory as it would've been his due date] to 4 months, and then boots and bar to age 4 and a half. I wish we'd had a doll like this but we kept his first cast and share photographs with him of his boots and bar time. Huge Mumma hugs from me to you and from my special feet boy to yours! X