May 27, 2016

real moms of instagram

my friend and i decided to start an instagram account dedicated to sharing the messy side of motherhood. the side that doesn't have perfect hair, the perfect face, a spotless anthropologie catalog backdrop of a home, smiling faces, and perfect little angels. we tend to crop out the 'ugly' and hide our (negative) emotions, but not anymore! @relamomsofinsta is a place where mom's can come and feel like they're not alone in the every day life when they're not able, or don't feel like, cleaning house and showering for the day, but still want to share what's going on through out the day sans makeup and well-behaved kids.

i really dreamed up the idea one day when i was scrolling through my instagram feed, frustrated because all i was seeing were images of perfection. not that i'm pissed off at the mama's who's lives are genuinely flawless, but just that i was finding it hard to relate to any of them. my fault, though; i am a visually stimulated person, so i tend to follow feeds who's insta's look streamlined and cohesive; something i try to emulate on my feed as well, for my own purpose and that purpose only. but i came to the realization that there is so much being staged for instagram. so many people dressing up to snap a photo, or cropping out half their face to make it look less frumpy, or pose their children to get the 'perfect shot'. i've read comments on photos that say, 'out of 500 snaps, this is the best one', and the photo is perfection. well, we want to see the messy! we want to see those 500 photos that didn't make the cut because they weren't 'perfect'. we want to see your naked face and messy hair and toys spilled out all over your floor; we want to see your 'real mom life'. and if your 'real mom life' is all sunshine and rainbows, then share those with us, too, because we know that no matter what, our mamahood is beautiful.

so hop on over to instagram and follow us at @realmomsofinsta! we would also love to feature your real mom life moments, so post a photo of your 'real mom life', tag us in it so we know it's posted, use #realmomisntalife and we will feature your mom life!

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