May 12, 2016

my diaper bag essentials

when i had bry a long time ago, i had a diaper bag that the hospital sent me home with that had blue ducks on it with a yellow background. it definitely was hideous and it definitely screamed DIAPER BAG. now, diaper bags are much more chic and lot more practical.

with oliver, i basically used my pta bag. i so didn't care about having a gorgeous bag that looked like a purse, especially since i was at bry's school doing the pta thang practically 24/7. but when we got pregnant with joseph, i knew i wanted something chic, functional, and didn't scream DIAPER BAG. that's when i found fawn design. what i love about this bag is that it has a shoulder strap AND i can wear it as a backpack, which makes disneyland trips super easy. it has plenty of pockets on the inside for all of baby's things with lots of extra space for the more bulky things. it also has several pockets on the outside for some easy access for mama. this bag can really hold some stuff!

lets take a look at what essentials i can fit inside

i wasn't kidding when i said this bag can really hold some stuff! i'll break it down so you can see individually what goes inside this fawn design bag.

diapering supplies + sunscreen:

extra clothes:


nursing supplies:

for mama:
  • 2016 planner (i'm kinda old school and like writing my appointments down)
  • bath + body works hand sanitizer
  • burt's bees lip balm
  • forever21 vanilla + bergamot hand lotion

what is really nice about this bag is that, with all this stuff in it, it doesn't feel heavy at all while wearing it. and since it can be worn as a backpack too, you won't feel like too much weight is bearing down on one side or the other. i also had a lotion explosion in it the other day (basically, mama was tired and forgot to put the cap back on) and i was able to pull everything out and simply wipe the bag down. since it's made of wipeable faux leather, i don't have to worry about the inside or out getting ruined by things; especially when you're burping your baby on your legs, tummy down, and he throws up right on top of mama's new diaper bag! (totally happened!)

what is your go-to diaper bag? and what are your diaper bag essentials? i'd love to hear what you all have in yours, just in case i'm missing something important (like a burp cloth, i just realized!).

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