June 17, 2017

the new me

recently i decided to chop off a huge amount of hair. i was getting fed up with having to straighten it all the time and washing it took too much time and energy. i also was feeling like i needed a big change to help boost my confidence and chopping my hair was the right move. (look at those bags under my eyes!)

my good friend savannah did it for me at mint salon + spa and did such a good job. it was amazing to have all that weight-literally and figuratively-lifted. a few weeks after my cut she brightened my hair up some more and now i just feel amazing.

if you're thinking about chopping your hair, do it! it feels so good to just let it go and it's just hair; it'll grow back! i was coveting my long hair for so long, afraid to let go of it for whatever reason, but i am so glad i did it.

June 06, 2017

daoust tribe family photos

a little over a week ago we had family photos done. we are very fortunate that oliver's dad is so willing to take them for us; he always does such an amazing job. and since bry will be spending the next year with her dad in arizona, we got them done much earlier in the year so she would be in our holiday photos.

the boys were being so uncooperative during the photo shoot, which made me somewhat flustered, plus the wind totally destroyed mine and the baby's hair, but somehow they came out just fine.

featuring a bibett's ring sling in oatmeal (if you click on the link and make a purchase, we both receive rewards points!).

you can find richard on instagram!

June 03, 2017

world clubfoot day-joseph's clubfoot journey

today is world clubfoot day. as you may know, joseph was born with congenital right clubfoot; though, we didn't know it was clubfoot when he was born. after researching and fighting for a referral, we finally got answers we were waiting for and joseph was diagnosed with clubfoot. it's been a year since the beginning of joseph's clubfoot journey and what a year it has been.

at just 12 weeks he had to get a cast every week for five weeks.

and at 17 weeks get got to graduate to his boots and bar without surgery.

and while joseph has been amazing and rocking life with his bnb...

it's been a tough year for us all. what has been the biggest blessing is a great community of parents out there who share in the same struggles and can be there for support, resources and advice when needed; which has definitely made this last year a lot easier than if we were going through this alone. as we gear up to celebrate world clubfoot day next weekend, i keep thinking of all the familiar faces i will finally get to meet at the event and keep catching myself well up with tears.

though our journeys will all be different, our goal is all the same. happy world clubfoot day!

May 31, 2017

tribe adventures

it's rare that we get to spend a saturday with dad at home, but the shop was closed for the strawberry festival, so we went on a little adventure.

we started the morning out slow, just lounging around the house having breakfast and playing with the boys.

then we headed out to my husband's aunt's house for a little visit. we always love going out there because she lives on this gorgeous piece of land with rolling hills in every direction. its always so lovely to sit out on her deck and chat about life while staring at the beauty around us. the boys played with her cat toys and piddled around her property, while bry colored.

after that sweet visit, we headed over to the elfin forest in los osos and walked the loop. baby had fallen asleep, so we found a nice little shaded spot with benches to hang out for a bit while bry climbed trees and oliver pretended we were in the movie sing and on stage performing. he's been quite obsessed with that movie lately-it's adorable.

 once we completed the loop, we went to a park in morro bay that's right on the water. it was a nice end to a fun and lovely day. the weather was perfect and the boys were very well-behaved.

looking forward to many more adventures this summer.

May 25, 2017


all of my life i have used the typical toothpaste you get at the grocery store: crest, colgate, sensodyne, etc. because that's all i knew. my parents always bought my toothpaste when i was a kid (you know; that blue paste with glitter in it!) and my dentist always recommended one or the other, so it's all i knew. not once did i think about all of the crap in traditional toothpaste until a year ago. with fluoride (a main ingredient in toothpaste) being linked to brain damage, as well as many other side effects-and the mass amounts of other harmful chemicals in toothpaste-i decided to ditch my toothpaste and hunt for something else.

one of my friends had talked about making the switch to truthpaste so i headed over to their site to check them out. looking through the ingredients i found that i could pronounce everything and the list wasn't very long. at first, i was a little hesitant because i didn't really know what the benefits were to these ingredients, but the company was running a giveaway and i decided to enter. and then i won! that made the decision to try it even easier for me. once it came in the mail-along with a copper tongue scraper-i couldn't wait to try it.

i'll be honest; i kind of freaked out a little bit because this was far from traditional toothpaste. it was green, made of clay, and smelled completely different from any toothpaste i'd ever had before. and though it smelled good, it just didn't smell like toothpaste. 

but, i braved it. and i have not looked back. i love that i am using natural ingredients instead of chemicals for great oral health. 

i've been using truthpaste for a year now and i will never go back. not only does it taste good (and last a really long time), it has actually improved the quality and health of my teeth. i had a dental cleaning last month and my dentist said that not only do my teeth look cosmetically amazing and better than before, that my gums are thriving (in a good way). at each appointment before i would be complimented on how white my teeth were, but that was about it. it was enough of a change for my dentist to ask me what i was doing differently and i told him i'd switched toothpastes! 

even baby enjoys truthpaste!

head on over to their site and check them out. you can read about their ingredients and their benefits, as well as who they are as a company and what products they offer. you also get a nice discount for just visiting their page (hint hint). 

May 20, 2017

becoming oily

i am fairly new to oils. i still have a lot to learn and research, but with the help of some of my friends, and a few oilies i'm following on instagram, i have a good little starter stash of oils going. a friend of mine made some young living blends for me: joy and stress. i also can't go anywhere without my lavender (i need a good 'sleepy' blend, you guys!) and peppermint essential oil (migraines and allergies). i've also heard a lot of good things about doterra's on guard touch and use it daily with the boys since littles are always coming home with something. swith my little stash growing, i decided it was time to get myself a cute little bag to carry them all around in. thanks to novatree, i found this company baggageandco on etsy and placed an order. i absolutely love it! the bag is padded, has an adorable lining, completely sewn in pockets for your oils, a metal zipper, and an awesome print on the outside. and it's the perfect size, too.

have you been bit by the oil bug? where are you at in your oiling journey?

May 15, 2017

date night in box

life with littles is busy and taxing. it can be hard to find time for yourself through out the day when you have any number of children that need tissue, food, toys, their butt wiped, bandaids (like, 20 of them because you just had to buy the cute ones and their owies need more cute bandaids), rocked to sleep, put back in their crib... and on and on-i'm sure you get the point. so when the kids are finally in bed and you finished all the things you didn't get to finish while doing all of the aforementioned, you and your spouse are wiped. and if that's the case, you usually can't even get out of the house for a date. there are lots of fun date night in suggestions on pinterest that you could do, or; you could be lazy (like me!) you could go for convenience and just have a pre-selected date night in a box mailed directly to your door with little to no preparation needed.

i know for us, we don't have many people who are available to watch the kids for us and honestly? we're pretty selfish people who want to have a date night every week. we would run out of people to watch the littles if we went on that schedule. so when i stumbled across date night in box (psssst! they have other 'night in' boxes!) i knew that this would be the perfect addition to our nightly routine one night each month. i subscribed and within a couple weeks i had my date night in box in my mailbox.

i wanted to surprise my husband with it, and because we are usually wiped at the end of the night, it took me a week and a half to actually bust it out. this is real life people. so last weekend we celebrated a special anniversary in carmel, ca and i thought that would be the perfect time to surprise my husband. 

once we got home and got the kids settled into bed, we got right into it. 

this date night in box was 'to the moon and back' theme with a certificate of registration for a date night in star, which listed the coordinates to find it. we also got a welcome book with instructions, a recipe, a cute story of love and more. 

also included in the box was cookie mix, star a moon cookie cutters, hot cocoa, & luminaries. we immediately read through the book, then started our cookies. we are vegetarians, so we couldn't make the recipe that was included, so while the cookie dough was chilling in the fridge, we decorated our luminaries with constellations and then laid in front of the fireplace with them flickering. once the dough was chilled, we cut out the star and moon shapes and put them in the oven. then we made our hot chocolate and looked at the stars with the star chart app that they suggested using. once the cookies were done, we continued looking at the stars while enjoying star (and moon) cookies of our own. 

let me tell you: it was pretty awesome to be able to turn the tv off (anyone binge watching a show right now?? anyone??) and have some quiet, quality time together without having to spend money, get dressed, and go out. we have another box coming to us this month and i am excited to spend another date night in with my love. 

how do you celebrate date nights?