March 19, 2018

10x7 boho capsule

i'm part of this amazing group on facebook called flock fashion that has made me buy and sell more clothes than i ever thought i would. but mostly i find to be enabled by these women who are really just trying to empower us-and i am not complaining about that. this group has really broke me out of my shell of comfortability in such a great way that i actually feel more confident when i get ready for the day. not that i didn't like the way i dressed before, but it was safe; everywhere i'd look i would see women wearing clothes that i had only wished i could wear and now... i'm actually wearing them. i've also been able to let my guard down and try on pieces that i normally wouldn't feel confident trying, which has filled up my closet with some of my favorite articles of clothing.

i'm pretty active in the group; commenting on women's posts on whether or not they should keep the fifty pieces they tried on in target that afternoon-and to hurry and say yes or no, because they're only there for twenty more minutes! (okay, that was actually me the other day and the other week... and last month...) i've grown close to one of the admins for the group and a couple weeks ago i got a text from her asking if i would like to participate in a 10x7 challenge, and if i would do a boho style. i was a little hesitant because:

a) i don't work well under pressure and
b) even with this group i don't find myself fashionable at all; let alone having enough sense to do a capsule wardrobe of any kind that don't involve pajamas and netflix

but i said yes.

last weekend i had some time to pull ten pieces of clothing together and photograph them. and then i turned my husband into an instagram husband and had him take photos of me in each of my outfits (because lets face it; no one has time to get dressed in the morning and document that it actually happened when you have two small and wild boys running around). i felt pretty proud of myself for being able to put together seven days of outfits with just ten pieces. here is what i pulled together:

-basic black tee
-black swing dress
-embroidered top
-boutique tunic
-crochet boho sweater
-olive green knox rose top
-tan cardigan
-raw hem jeans
-black leggings
-brown suede ankle booties

-also featured is a humble hilo bag, which didn't count toward our ten items

i am so glad i participated in this because it gave me an appreciation for the clothes that i don't really pull for and somewhat forced me to style them in new ways. i have to say that my favorite outfits were days two, three, four and seven. i think i might be utilizing my black swing dress a lot more now.

do you have a capsule wardobe? i want to work toward one, but i love having a little bit of everything, so paring down would be incredibly difficult. kudos to you who do! share your 10x7 or 10x10 challenge with me below!

March 08, 2018

good night yoga

while browsing a local kids consignment shop, i came across this book good night yoga. i've been wanting to get the booys involved in yoga more, since they seem interested, so as soon as i saw this book i knew i just had to have it.

we decided that monday nights would be the best to do the yoga practice with them, since we will have more time to prepare for their nighttime routine (it's our day off). the other night i got the book out, rolled out our yoga mats, turned on the diffuser, placed some crystals in the room, put on some yoga meditation music and we got started.

we went through each page, focusing on the pose through five breaths; then at the end, we read through the little story that is featured in the book. once we read through that, we recapped three of oliver's favorite poses and ended with some quiet meditation. as you can see, joseph wasn't too interested in doing what we were (mostly because he had his bnb on already), but he was interested nonetheless, and that's a start! perhaps next time we will leave his bnb off so his interest can be piqued a little more.

if anyone is interested, they do have a good morning yoga book available, if morning yoga is more your jam. i would get it, but we all like to sleep in and then rush to get ready and out the door, so no time in the morning for us. but i highly suggest this book if you're wanting to get your kids interested in yoga, or if you've been needing a good excuse to get back into yoga yourself! this might hold you accountable! (we all know this is why i purchased this book!) 


March 05, 2018

joseph turns two

i cannot believe it has been two years since i labored and birthed this tiny human. to see how this little nugget was brought into the world, you can read his birth story here.

last year we had an awesome harry potter theme party that i never blogged about (life!), and this year i wasn't planning on having a theme party, but once i found an invitation that i liked (just to invite family over for cake) i decided i needed to throw a party animal party!

we had lots of family and friends over, including eleven kids. we served some food and did the cake and then played pin the party hat on the giraffe. full house and full hearts, celebrating our little two year old toddler.

i found some party hat images online and printed them out on card stock for the kids to color and then use later on to pin on the giraffe. i found this awesome light box at cotton on kids a while back and thought it would be a good touch on the cake table.

we had these animal heads from target's bullseye's playground area that added a fun and color aspect to the wall above the cake table. my husband made the poster board and we finished everything off with pastel balloons and bunting.

my mother-in-law made an amazing raw apple cake with vegan frosting that i decorated with party animals and some bunting. those hats were so much fun to make! my mom also made lemon bars and mini cinnamon rolls that everyone ate up because they were so tasty.

you can't have an animal party without a caravan of animals as the centerpiece of your table!

joseph seemed to be digging for gold while we sang him happy birthday.

oliver lost his way while trying to pin the party hat on the giraffe.

and everyone got to take home a jar of animal crackers and animal cookies as a gift for coming. they also showered joseph in gifts. we had such a fun time and are so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate with us.

February 02, 2018

brother journey-new bunk beds

'the rule of siblings: if your sibling gets something you want,  you 1) try to take it 2) break it or 3) say it's no good' -patricia fleming 

that quote couldn't be any truer for my boys. every day they quarrel; one wants what the other has, one wants to sit right here where the other is sitting, he wants to do this and he wants to do that, 'he hit me!', 'mine!'... and oliver sure does try to be a little trickster from time to time with situations involving brother (all the while, joseph is too busy not caring while he tries to bite oliver's fingers off). it's hard for them to get space from one another because they share a room and we don't have a play room. and when one is in the living room playing, the other wants to be involved (which drives me nuts because they usually end up fighting and i'm like 'then why do you even want to hang out with him???'). but when you put all of that aside and look at their relationship-which is growing more and more every day-you see two small boys who love each other fiercely (because lets face it; boys are fierce with everything, including loving a sibling), and that makes my heart explode.

when my brother and i were little we had the best time together. of course we fought, and a lot of the time that's what i remember most, but at the end of the day he was my best friend. we also shared a room. when he was out of the crib my parents got us a day bed with trundle; i slept on the top and he slept on the trundle. most nights we just pulled the bed out for him, but sometimes we wanted to have a 'sleepover' and would pop that trundle up to be next to mine. we would read stories with the flashlight and just talk about anything and everything and nothing at all. albeit a distant memory, that time with my brother was really special. and sharing a room with him created a special bond in us that i'll never forget, in addition to the safety we both felt because we were together.

i don't quite know how my mom did it, but when we transitioned joseph into the room with oliver, i was terrified. a few times it was quite difficult because oliver is a loud sleeper and he was also having night terrors at the time, so joseph would wake up here and there. then there was the issue with joseph's bnb knocking on the side of his crib causing oliver to stir. so as much as we loved them having a shared space, bedtime became something we dreaded. but as soon as bry left to live with her dad her junior year, we immediately moved oliver into her bed for sleep. while that eliminated the complication of them not getting much sleep because one or the other was being disruptive, it did create a whole new issue of separate bedtime routines, which became a hassle that seemed to drag the night on. fed up and at my wits end with this crazy nighttime routine, we bit the bullet and purchased a bunk bed for them. i was really nervous about what might happen when we put oliver back into their room at night; how joseph might react, or maybe he wouldn't get any sleep, or oliver would start to have night terrors again. but at the same time i was so excited to have them sleep in the same room and have them get ready for bed together.

i got them a stay in bed clock to help them know when it's bedtime and to stay in bed, and when it's time to get out of bed. we were hoping it would help the boys with the transition and also help my husband out so he wouldn't have to keep getting out of bed too early with them (anyone have kids who wake up before 7am???). once everything arrived, we got the beds set up, mattress on, bedding all set and clock in place. we let the boys know that there would be a new bedtime routine now: bath, jammies, brush teeth, then story time in their room before hugs & kisses & lights out.

you guys. if you do not have your children share a room you need to start doing it now. 

the boys have slept in until 7:18am every morning, go to bed without a fuss, stay in bed, sleep through the night; i mean, it couldn't have worked out better!

one night i was out in the living room folding laundry watching new girl and i heard the boys talking to each other, then a ton of giggling. i was thinking, 'oh no, here we go...' and i got up and started down the hallway. just as i was about to open the door and tell them to shush, i remembered the nights that my brother and i shared together and all the laughing and whispering and reading we did; it was such a special time for us. so i decided to sit on the floor outside their door and listen to them be brothers and it was so heartwarming. i just wept at the beauty of my two boys and the special bond that they will forever have. then i heard oliver say, 'baby, it's time to be quiet now and go to sleep. goodnight.... i love you....'

and if you've ever experienced something like that, you know that you will forever be picking up heart pieces off the floor.

(p.s. because this is real life, joseph is actually crying and screaming at oliver in this photo because he wants to climb up the ladder. but isn't it beautiful??)

January 14, 2018

a major milestone-my baby girl got her license and a car

no matter what, you will never be prepared for the day your baby gets their license. even if you trust them, it still seems absurd that someone just checks off some boxes on a piece of paper (do they still use paper these days? or is everything on a tablet now??) and says that your child can now drive, by themselves, in a car, on a road with lots of other cars and other people's children on it. i mean, i remember when i got my license. i felt so adult. i wasn't, but i felt that way. i now know what my parents experienced the day i walked out of the california dmv with my (temporary, paper) license and thought i owned the road.

i've been driving with bry for a year now. she's actually really good and i totally do trust her! but, like, i've been in the car (or at least another adult has) when she has driven. i don't know what she's like when she's alone. what if she's awful? what if she's egotistical and thinks she's really good and is suddenly one of those asshat drivers who cut people off and don't use their blinker? and then there is the whole 'i trust her, but i don't trust other people's children who are on the road and think they're really good drivers' thing.

but i have to let go, right? (do i??)

i am really proud of her, though. she passed her driving test pretty much perfectly. she even had to come back the next day because the vehicle she took to the test has a backup camera that beeps and that's not allowed (???). she was not discouraged, nor did that make her nervous or sweat it. she just came back the next day and kicked driving in the butt again. now me; i probably would have been like, 'omg, that was it, that was my one chance. i'll never pass again!', or something dramatic like that.

and just this past week she got her very first car. too bad she can't drive it yet because insurance and gas with no job is not possible. but, she has her very own car nonetheless. my first car wasn't this nice.

but, i have to trust that she will be responsible and that we have set a good example for her. i cannot guarantee that a few curse words won't escape her mouth when some asshat cuts her off or doesn't use their blinker (whoops), but she definitely has been taught by some model drivers.

as far as how to take cool photos with your very first car, i don't know which generation taught her that...

congratulations bry!

January 12, 2018

hello 2018-i hate you

now before you go thinking 'my gosh, how pessimistic of her. it's only been 12 days!' let me tell you: so what?

i woke up to 2018 with a stuffy nose and sore throat. thought maybe it was allergies, so i went about my day feeling optimistic (because despite what some people think, i actually am an optimist). i even letter boarded '2018 i will own you'. made some small healthy eating changes, talked about some near-future goals with the husband, and took down all of our christmas decorations to get in the spirit of 2018; i.was.ready to own it.

as the day wore on i started running out of energy quicker than usual (which is typically by 11 am, but hey-mom life, amiright?). i laid down and rested the evening away and woke up feeling even worse.

and here i am on day 12 of 2018 and i am still sick my people. still sick.

goodbye healthy eating.

goodbye near-future (i am talking about like, literally supposed to be this week) goals.

goodbye spirit.

goodbye optimism.

i have been stuck in the house, most of the time in my bed, feeling awful. and on top of all of that, no work! and since my mom has a touch of something too, i have been home with the boys with zero energy to give my little sweethearts all of my love but still needing to entertain and care for them, when i could have been resting.

and the day that we had set aside so the boys could have a sleepover at my mom's so the husband and i could have a much needed date night was the night that i started feeling my absolute worst,

so yeah, 2018... i hate you (so far)

luckily i have a husband who is amazing and takes such good care of me and the boys. he's a total dream.

January 10, 2018

clubfoot journey-feeling stuck

joseph has been an absolute dream his entire clubfoot treatment. he tolerated his casts just fine (of course, getting the casts on made him cry a bit) and had no issues with his bnb. there were a couple instances where he got some red marks and a couple blisters looked like they were starting to form, but we quickly remedied those so they didn't. and then of course all the bruises i endured from bed sharing with him, but all in all, an absolute dream.

when we met with his new doctor last year (or whenever it was, i can't remember because... mom life) we discussed his treatment plan and how long he would continue in bnb. he suggested until he was at least four, but longer if he can tolerate them. so, since he had always been so tolerant, we thought he would just be in them until grade school (or, if it were up to me, high school to be honest), no question about it. how incredibly naive of us to think that he simply would just not want to wear them anymore. which is exactly what is starting to happen.

just about a month ago joseph has been refusing his bnb. what was a fun nightly routine has become full of protesting and crying-sometimes even thrashing-just to get them on. we've been (mostly) diligent, not making too big of a scene and explaining why it is important to wear them, but he refuses. it is so hard watching your child shake his head to something that is so beneficial for him. it hurts my heart to know that he doesn't want to wear them, but that he isn't old enough to tell us why. i wonder: are they uncomfortable? do they hurt? does he get sweaty in them? can he not sleep on his belly anymore because of them? are they too heavy? what is it, my baby? what is wrong?

luckily joseph has an appointment soon and we can talk to dr. zionts about what to do next. we might be able to get him into an ADM or get more info about them, or we may end up just enduring this until the phase is over or he turns four (which isn't for another two years), but the thought of discontinuing use at four scares me. what if he relapses? and if that happened, would he need a tenotomy this time? and if he doesn't relapse right away, will he have complications later in life? we know his foot has been fully corrected and we have been obsessively diligent about him wearing his bnb (with very few exceptions here and there), but there is always that 'what if' that is hard to avoid when it comes to medical disabilities and complications in your child. and no matter how perfect treatment has been up to this point, as a parent you always wonder if what you have been doing is right. and then you question those few times you took the bnb off early or didn't put them on at all. you question the tightness of the boots-were they too loose? too tight? did i do everything right? but, we have to have faith that we did. we have to have faith and trust that the choices we made, the time he's spent in bnb, were right. we've done everything that we could and even then there are some things we cannot control. and that's just how life goes.

so, just two more years. just two.more.years mama. we can do this!